Setting a default language fails in Navision 5.0 SP1

In my Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 we have two languages installed. English and Danish. We run it under Citrix.

Whenever a new user who previously never have used our Navision logs into the system, then the language is always set to Danish. That's fine for the Danish users, but not so fine for the users from the other countries.

Do you know how I can change the Default Language upon startup?


  • Try following:

    In CodeUnit 1 (Application Management), ApplicationLanguage Function change the value to your language code.


  • In reply to Dhan Raj Bansal:

    Doesn't work.

    The Danish language is on the client, even before you get to choose the database.

    Are there any of the files in the client library specifying which language folder to start in?

  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    Language setting is saved in ZUP - you can copy a zup file with this setting (language) saved to each user...

  • In reply to Modris Ivans:

    Good point about the ZUP file, and if there really isn't any other way, then it could be used.

    But I have a hard time believing that there isn't there any other way to set this, without having to copy a default ZUP file to all users?

  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    There is not a command line parameter for this purpose... I found 12 possible parameters (ver 5), but Language is not there Sad











    as command line parameter:

    • ID - Saving the User Setup

    • Server Name - Choosing the Server

    • Database - Selecting a Database

    • Company - Selecting a Company

    • Windows Authetication - Selecting the Authentication Mode

    • Commit Cache - Writing the Cache

    • Object Cache - Improving Response Times

    • NetType - Selecting a Net Type

    • Template - Location of Temporary Working Files

    • DB Test - Testing the Database

    • TestTarget

    • DB Read-Only


    Only in Tools/Options:

    • Status Bar

    • Close Forms on Esc

    • Marquee Full Selection

    • Quick Find

    So, likely only default ZUP remains... (or mod in CU1, if it`s at all possible to set languahge from code - don`t know, I'm not a programmer)


  • Hi Erik,

    I know it's not going to help you on NAV 5.0 SP1, but in NAV 2009, there is a User Personalization table that contains a Language ID field (as well as the Profile ID, and Company).

    How's that for a reason to upgrade? Big Smile



  • In reply to Gaspode:

    Well are you setting this at the same time as you define the users permissions, so that it's available when he first logs in (before actually opening the database)?

    I have worked a little more with the problem myself. And what I have come to is that it's the Danish version which has been installed. The client folder (not the ENU or DAN folders) hold the exact same files as the W1 installation. With one exception. The FIN.STX. Besides the version codes, then there is a country code defined. In the Danish version it says DK. Does anyone know if changing this, or simply replacing the FIN.STX file with the standard W1 STX file would also affect the Lannguage setting?

  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    fin.stx is CRC-checked (or checsum, or hash?) on program start - it can't be edited in Notepad, that results in message "Invalid .stx.."

    and, as far as I remeber, .stx language code must be equal to your license (there is country version encoded, too) - at least I had problems some years ago, when our LV .stx was "buggy" and MS corrected it only after 2-3 months... BTW there still exists a way to edit a .stx, but I don't know who has access to corresponding tool - maybe localization partners.

  • In reply to Modris Ivans:

    Yes I know the fin.stx file is locked somehow. But when you know someone who can lock it for you, then it's not the big problem.

    In my case it would proberly be easier just to use the W1 FIN.STX - but I only want to do that if the Country code in this field really has anything do with the default language setup of the client.