SQL2005 4SP2 Client & 3.70A database converted from 2000 and WORKING

There are various post on this forum addressing SQL2005 and its issues. I mainly had problems with security and windows logins. Here, in brief, are the steps I followed to make it work:

Before: SQL 2000, Navision Client v4 SP2, Navision 3.70A database

After: SQL2005, Navision Client v4 SP2 4.02.23099, Navision 3.70A database


  1. Upgrade the Navision Client to 4.02.23099. This has the Security Model "Enhanced" & "Standard", I chose "Standard" (much better for Active Directory Groups = quick synchronise).
  2. Install xp_ndo.dll on SQL2005 box. Note: Follow the help file it is good enough. Note: You must set the permissions of "xp_ndo_enumusergroups" & "xp_ndo_enumusersids" to Public execute grant. (Databases -> System Databases -> Master -> Programmability -> Extended Stored Procedures). If you do not do this then you will get errors like "User Name and Password invalid" etc.
  3. Do a SQL backup (BAK) of the SQL2000 Navision database and restore it to SQL2005.
  4. Connect to Navision database with client and Syncrhonise All (you may have to use SA first). Do not try add the users via SQL use navision to add windows logins (I am not refering to SQL database logins in these steps!)
  5. Last step: Via SQL go to the Navision Database -> Views -> dbo.Session and add Permission for Public Execute Grant. This will allow windows logins to connect without making them SYSADMIN
  6. Should now be able to connect to the Navision with windows login.

The above steps are just a summary and believe me I went through a lot of hardship to come to this conclusion. So some of you may have done it first time but others may still be trying to figure it out. Hopefully this helps. Seems pretty straight forward now that I read it Surprise



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