How do I learn Navision

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I need to learn Coding of NAvision ,Help me suggest me what should i do.




  • There are a number of Books on Deveoping with Dynamics NAV and that would be a good starting point. But the best is maybe to take an introduction course first.

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    Look for online training of Navision as well as start reading books and start practicing the examples in Books.

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    Thank you Mr. Karun for link.


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    Microsoft Dynamics Navision is an important tool in today’s business and finding a suitable training solution for it can be a demanding quest. There are many Microsoft Dynamics NAV online training solutions and methodologies available on the Internet today. These courses can either be downloaded in pdf format. This solution is specifically for people who learn through reading. Training for Microsoft Dynamics NAV can also be found online in eLearning and virtual tutor formats. These virtual tutor or instructor formats are normally training sessions that last two days and training is provided by a trainer through a webinar or a live meeting.

    Being able to invest in the correct training format for a heterogeneous group of people can be a very challenging task. Online training solutions provide learning formats for every type of learner. Training a work force in Microsoft Dynamics is critical for business not only to create revenues but also enhance your organization’s brand, its reach and satisfy your ever demanding customers.

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    Can you please post a newer link regarding this one? I can't open your posted link and I am really interested in one. Thanks in advance!

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