Being an end user and having a cert

I'm strongly considering taking the Trade and Inventory exam and possibly the Financial exam. 

However, I am just an end user, I have no interest in development at this stage (we'll see if that changes). 

While I know having either of those certs can help me with the functional aspects of Navision that I need, I'm curious as to what it can do for me down the road.

Out of curiousity, I poked around to see if there were any jobs for people who just held the T&I cert or the Finance cert, but I didn't see anything.

Has anyone here found that holding one of the certs and not the whole thing helped in future jobs at all?

  • Certifications are mainly for partners. If you work for an end user they do not get anything out of you being certified. That's not to say it's not worth it, but it just depends on what your career goals are. Just being an expert in Trade alone isn't going to get you much.

    Anyone who knows knows that the cert is just a multiple choice test anyway. And it's more important to be able to demonstrate knowledge, and to know your own company's processes.

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    I agree with you 100%. I just wish there were certs in NAV functionality as well as development.

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    J Scharbrough
    I just wish there were certs in NAV functionality as well as development.

    There are, I would even say that the majority of courses is in functionality, not development. Take a look at Customersource. If you are up to date with your enhancement plan, you should have full access to all training material. If you don't have Customersource access, ask the person that is responsible for communicating with your NAV partner, and if they don't know about it, ask your partner directly.

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    Yeah, looking at the exams, that's what Microsoft seems to say, but then I look at all the forums on here and Mibuso and it seems like its focused mainly on development.

    My guy at our home site DID get back to me, and will be sending me all the good stuff on Monday, so I'm impatiently waiting. 

    (By good stuff I don't mean cheats or anything, I mean the password to access Customersource and our most up to date manuals. ;))

    I guess I'm just a little confused. I'd LOVE to be able to market myself as a functional consultant. I really enjoy Navision and I really like  being able to help people. It just seemed like I couldn't put those two together. 


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    You certainly can, but again experience is your best bet. Certifications are nice, too, though. Partners aren't looking for someone who is a specialist in only one area, like Trade. You need to know Trade, Financials, Costing, Inventory, and preferably at least one of the other specialties like Warehousing, Manufacturing, Service, or Relationship Management.

    It's a lot of time and investment to get up to speed on all of it. I'm going on 6+ years and am by no means a functional expert, although most of my time is spent doing development.

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    I probably should've explained a little better. When I first started looking at this, I was desperately trying to figure out all of Navision from an end user standpoint, and thought the T&I exam might help, as that's what I work with mostly. However, Financials was very attractive looking too, the hussy, because I was interested in learning more about payments and accounts as well. 

    And then Warehouse Management caught my eye and I was at the point where I was mentally calculating how long it would be before I could confidentally take the T&I exam and then the Financial, and then the Warehouse and then Manufacturing.

    And at THAT point, I realized I'd wind up with something a lot bigger (and far more marketable) than just me trying to expand my Navision knowledge. And I already knew development wasn't for me, I'm obsessed with the functional aspect, and I wanted to see if I could potentially turn that into a job.

    So here we are full circle. I'm starting out by taking the T&I exam, and definitely want to take Finance...and I'll probably wind up with the whole kit and kaboodle before two years. 

    I just wanted to make sure that the job I was interested in (functional) could be achieved by going after these exams and putting my knowledge to the test. 

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    Sound to me like you are interested in a job at a NAV partner. I don't know your education level or your experience, but with the right credentials and attitude you could get a job, and the good thing there is that any self-respecting partner organization in the US will have a plan for their people to study for and take exams. It depends on the partner how that happens.

    One might want to start you off in support while you work on your experience. Another might put you to work as a consultant (at whatever level is appropriate for you). Another might start you out working on documentation or something like that. Again it depends on your experience and your education level. If you are really seriously interested in a career in ERP consulting, you should definitely do some research and look into your options for employment in the channel.