MB7-842 Exam - What to expect?

What is the exam like? Is it entirely multiple choice? Chunks of blank boxes for me to type paragraphs of text? Do I need to create a database for the trade and inventory records, and perform calculations?

I learned Navision back in college when I had access to the software. Now I don't have access to the software anymore. Just a copy of a Nav 2009 Application Design book and the skills I learned when I did have access to Navision. Will I need to buy the software just to take the exam?

I'm hoping it's not necessary since the job I'm applying for has everything I'll need in their office.

Also, is there a time limit for this exam? How long does it general take to complete it? If there is a time limit, is it like you're giving a certain time constraint and you can do part of the test and later do the rest or must you complete it all in one sitting?

  • The exams are all multiple choice, and I would not think of taking any without access to a Cronus database and the training material. 

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    I don't think I'll need the training material. Already know how to use the basics of Nav, and have gone through rather expensive paid training for Sage 50 Accounts and the stuff there seems quite similar to the inventory management system in Nav. What happens if by chance I fail the test - do I need to wait a certain period of time before I'm allowed to try again? And how is the qualification graded, or is it just a pass or fail?

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    There is no time period to wait..

    Its just pass or fails..

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    Be my guest if you want to take any exam without the training material, personally I would not do it that way.

    You can take the same exam as often as you want. If you fail at 8 in the morning, you can take the 8:15 exam, as long as you are willing to pay for the exam fee. 

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    To be this is like learning how to drive in an automatic and taking your test on a manual. They might be similar, but the differences are great enough that you might not even know where to begin.

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    When I was passing my first exam, I failed twice before success Sad

    And I was applying for test after almost 3 years of everyday work. One thing is to work, when you have the software at your fingertips, and completely another - knowing by heart where the hell in the menus that command was, or under what exact name some function is hidden.

    The exam questions offered very similar wording for answers, or at least 2 were similar, the others obviously incorrect. This way, knowing the underlying accounting theory or other ERP package(s) will be absolutely of no help at all.

    Maybe the case with me was that I used mainly versions 3.xx, but the exam was for ver4, having a completely new look. It was around more than a year before we got OUR localised version, so we still sat on older versions.

    PS I moved the thread to more appropriate forum...

  • It's all mulitple choice and the number of qustions depends on the test you are taking.  I would recommend taking a class ($1,000-$2,500)  like development or introduction.  They are 3-5 days long and you'll get a really good feel of the software product. After that, there are some really good study books to guide you along.