About certif : MB7-516 Microsoft NAV 5.0 C/SIDE Solution Development


I want pass the certif MB7-516 and I have some questions :

- The duration of exam ?

- the number of questions ?

- I have a document containing 112 question & response of MB7-516 , It's ALL question possible to prepare ??

Thx :-)

  • All info is here: MB7-516: NAV 5.0 C/SIDE Solution Development

    Regarding to your "document" with 112 questions - it is called exam cheating and is NOT welcome. If you cheat the exams, it won't make you a real specialist, and your employer / colleagues will find it out on the very first day. You will be fired immediately...

    And yes - 112 Q is a small part of actual pool of questions, from which are randomly selected the Qs for the exam. Only proportion between different topics is guaranteed, as described in the link above.

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    hi modirs,

    my apology, i am unable to find the total qs, duration and minimum passing marks/ percentage required from the link provided.


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    MS has changed the site again - in Skills Measured tab only the proportions between topics are given...

    From memory - passing score used to be 70-75-80%, varying by certain exam, Q count - 60-90. Duration varies about 2 hours, additional 30mins are added, if the exam language is not your native.

    Maybe more is on Prometrics site, although I doubt - I noticed a new issue mentioned in MS Learning site, that before the exam the candidate must sign some NDA - only MS knows, what exactly is included in that NDA, maybe all these exam details goes under it, too.


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    hi modris,

    as of 02-12-11, mbs5716, qs:50, passing:80%, time:75mins + 25mins of reading...admin...explanation etc etc..