How to find a trainer for Navision/Dynamics NAV

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I am the President of a $15MM revenue manufacturing company, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, that uses Microsoft Navision.  We would like to hire someone to train a member of our staff on how to access that database via C/SIDE and ODBC for creating reports and downloading data into Excel and then manipulating that data.  I am guessing the rate of pay for the trainer should be $25-$50 per hour, but I don't know for sure.

Can anyone recommend how I might find someone with that type of training and experience in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area?

Thank you for any consideration you can give to my request.



  • Contact your NAV Partner. But if you think you're going to find someone for $25-$50 / hour you're crazy. I don't think there are but a handful of partners in the US that charge less than $175.

  • In reply to Matt Traxinger:

    Thank you for your response.  This would be a part-time, 3-4 month engagement, working evenings or weekends if needed because I know I'm not looking for the "Partner" to do the work, that would be expensive but, instead, the employee of the Partner who wants to moonlight to earn some extra money.