Microsoft Dynamics Certification: Suggestions

My name is Ramji. I am working for a Microsoft Solution Partner in chennai. I have been in this company for almost a year. I have to take up microsoft dynamics nav certifications. I am not into technical. Currently working as a Functional Associate in my company. Basically i am not into finance. I know Trade, Inventory, Warehouse, Manufacturing, HR Functional process. Which certification i should take up?. My goal is to become a Functional Consultant in Dynamics NAV. What are the skills that i should develop to become a good functional consultant. What are the certifications that i need to take up? What are the extra hardwork, efforts that i need to put through to attain my goal.


Can anyone suggest me with your ideas. It will be great help for me.




  • hi ramji...

    having slight bit of technical knwledge will help you tremendously in your functional side..As for me, i want to become a Techno-functional.

    But for functional, you can write the following exams...the code 'm specifying are of NAV 2009. see the version in which you want to write.

    MB7-842 -Trade & Inventory


    MB7-843-Warehouse Management

    All the best Yes


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    I think it's also important to learn the Finance part of it. NAV is a Financial Management system, after all. Every customer uses the Finance part of the system; every customer does not use Warehouse Management or Manufacturing.

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    I must agree with shona. it would help a lot if you also know the technical considerations of NAV. I for once is on the functional department, but am taking time to further explore the technical aspects of NAV on my personal capacity as an accountancy graduate. Believe me, you'll find joy and excitement exploring the technical side. I already took and passed microsoft certification for NAV Financials and plans to take the trade and inventory and manufacturing. Maybe you could start on taking the NAV Financials certification. Afterall, Matt is right in saying that NAV is a financial management system and in addition to that, all modules are directed and affects the Financial Management Module. You can focus the review on NAV itself by browsing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help. Most of the questions will come from there.

    On your last question, it is already given that if we need to attain our goals, we need to exert an extra hardwork as you may say. May I just add that we must also appreciate everything that we do in order for us to strive to go the extra mile in reaching our goals.

    Good luck on your plans!!! Go fot it!!! Own it!!!

  • Hi Ramji

    Please go to the following link:



    It will give you a summary of the certifications, with links to the Microsoft pages with detailed info.

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