Navision 3.5 Dos. ODBC Conection to SQL

Can any one help me our company runs Navision Dos 3.5. I need to know if there is any one who has connected or can remember how to conect  so that read and write to the tables of this version of Navision to SQL is avalable.

We have the ODBC drives but there is a problem with the licence not beeing able to connect to the Database.

Is there any guys in the UK that have experience on this Dos system and that would like to urn some money in getting this connection working?





  • Hi Deryck my guess is that your license does not include the ODBC granule. Unfortunately Microsoft no longer support the DOS version and wont issue a license, so although the technical issues are not that complex, getting a license will be your big issue. I can't really see a solution to that. Upgrading I guess might be your only real option.

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    Hi David


    Thanks for coming back to me so quickly. This sounds to be a big problem. Do you know if the Licence key is specific to the user or can it be that a licence already registerd but not used any more that can be used on a different system, I guess what im saying is can any licence work if i can find someone with one?

    Also do you know where the licence jey would have been noted when the system was origanaly purchaesd, mybe on the box or disks?



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    Deryk, is this a one off? As in do you just need to get the data into SQL or do you need this as an on going process. If its a one off, then its pretty easy to simply take a snapshot of the database and put it into a SQL database.


    On going though it would be difficult. Each license contains all the granules you have purchased, so if you found someone with an old license and you purchased it from them (not sure if that's even possible now) then their license would have to contain all the same granules that you have.


    The license files generally came on a grey 3 1/2" floppy.

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    I realize that this is an old thread but if you're still there could you explain the procedure to:

    "simply take a snapshot of the database and put it into a SQL database"



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    It would require that you find a partner or consultant who have the old Navision DOS developer license. They would be able to export all the data using the ODBC driver into a SQL database.

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    Well, that's exactly the problem.

    We are in the middle of migrating away from Navision 3.5 DOS.
    And as it seams, we cannot find the licence/consultant/partner or what ever is needed to get the NODBC in place. 

    That's why I saw a small opening by doing a snapshot and "put" it into a SQL database.

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    Hi Lasse,

    You are welcome to post a request for such a consultant here on the site. I know several freelance consultants here in Denmark who still supports a few customers with the DOS version. Personally I have not worked with the DOS version for about 15 years.

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    You can just create a Navision Backup (BAK) and restore it into a FInancials database.

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    That's exactly what I'm saying. It's way too long since I've worked with the DOS version. Forgot all about this function. But as far as I remember it still required a developer license (but now at least for Navision Financials). David, do you remember which version of NAV was the last to support this function?