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how to open navision dos version

my organization was using dos version navisino long we want to open it to get some information...all the guys of that time left the now we have software, licence, user login info and database...but on idea how to run it...

we just want to run on single machine without much setup,etc

i am able to open the client, but it shows message " the operating system cannot find the path..." what i understood is that we need to provide the parh to database some where...but dont know where ?

looking forward to help asap

  • Shouldn't be that hard. Use a command like this:
    C:\SomeFolder\NAVIN.EXE database=c:\SomeFolder\database.fdb,local
    And perhaps you append parameter DBREADONLY...

    *Perhaps you shall use NAVI.EXE instead of NAVIN.EXE
    *Database.Fdb may have another name (...)

    If our state "NAVIN.EXE ?" in a command-prompt you'll get a list of startup-parameters.