database near max limit

We are happy with our 3.56 solution, but the database is near its license size - what options do we have if we want to continue? Is it possible to buy more space/license, separate the database to multible servers - anything?

  • How big does your license allow.

    You should be able to archive old data.

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    As far as I know, Microsoft did shut of the "hot water" regarding Navigator (pr. primo September '09, I think)). On a permanent base! They said...

    So, no, not possible to extend the license.

    But as Davis says - try to archive. And you may also try to
    -delete records that never have and never will be used (e.g. Posted Shipments = Bogførte Leverancer)
    -delete old invoices, perhaps make an export first
    -deactivate keys that are not used; redesign keys: remove unnecessary elements

    But - first you create a backup!

  • Can you make a copy of the database and run two concurrent instances?


  • Dear Andersen,

    We have faced the same problem .We were create new database for the same company and enter the all closing amount.

    Through this your all Ledger Tables will be empty and you can start as a new database as you started when you were initiat to work in new database.

    For this you have to enter all closing amount for ex . Customer , Vendor ,Item..


    Kishor Bhatt

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    The license is 2GB the database is today aprox 1.9GB - with 4% free. I have tried to archive/delete old items. I was hoping for a solution to preserve journal history. I can not figure out microsoft reason not to sell additional database to existing users.

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    4% is pretty bad, you need to resolve this quickly.


    MS obviously want you to upgrade, so selling a database license would negate that. They obviously can't support a product this old, and selling you a new granule would imply that they need to support it. So I do see their point of view here. Much like the issue with not selling granules to unsupported customers.

    Anyway I think you need to set up a new database and separate data into two different dbs. I would suggest building a SQL database and using the ODBC driver to get the data across. 2 Gig won't be that difficult. And then you need to make the decision on what to delete form the existing DB.