Navision 3.51A DOS with Virtual PC

Hi I have an customer that runs 3.51A on a NT 4.0 Server
and the clients on Win95/98.

Two PC needed to be replaced with two new Windows XP machines.

I installed Virtual PC on the Win XP PC

Virutal PC runs Win98
and configured

hosts fil = naviserv1

I try to start Navistar.bat

I have any mapped K:/navision
Where the database are

I start navistar.bat from the client installtion and in starts upp Navision Dos window, but after 10 sec its disconnect and say cant found the correct host, check the hosts fil.

But I have copied the fil from an working Navision client installtion.

Need help,

Best Regards

Andreas Fransson
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  • You need to use navin.exe to use tcp (pay attention to the n in navin) but then you need the win32 execution granule on your license.

    As i recall navin.exe was available from version 3.56.

    If you want to use tcp with navi.exe you would need a dos tcp-stack.

    This has been done but is difficult.

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