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When I start a danish Navigator version 3.56 I first select 'Regnskaber', then logins with a username and password, and then a list of all the existing companies is shown. I can then select the company I want to work with.

Is it possible to skip this list, and go directly to a pre-defined company ?

My customer wants only certain users to have access to certain companies.

I have tried to put a breakpoint to "Funktion 1" but it executes only after I have selected a company.

In "Funktion 1" I might be able to check if the current user is allowed access to the chosen company and exit if access is not allowed, but how can this be done otherwise ?

Any suggestions anyone ?

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    over 14 years ago
    Thanx for the replies.

    As David says, I dont think that there are any options regardings restricted access at company level in the old Navigator 3.56.
    If this is not the case, please guide me to the exact place where this is handled.


    Why not just move to a newer version ?

    My customer unfortunately has no intentions of upgrading, as they have a lot of new functionality added in their old version.

    The customer seems to be satisfied if the user just gets kicked back to the companylist, if he tries to access a company that he has no access to. This might be the solution for now.

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