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2 Navision 3.56.A as Server

[:(!] We need 2 Navision 3.56 A running for 2 different CCAPS-Databases.
Is there anybody who knows how to setup 2 NaviServx services and
how to set up the client-site

On the Server (Windows 2003) i created 2 Services:
[^] d:\ccaps\servern.exe serverno=1,nettype=tcp,database=d:\ccaps\database,installasservice

[^]d:\ccaps_it\servern.exe serverno=2,nettype=tcp,database=d:\ccaps_it\database_it,installasservice

On the clients (windows XPPro):
[V] d:\ccaps\ccapsn.exe serverno=1,nettype=tcp,id=%username%

[V] d:\ccaps_it\ccapsn.exe serverno=2,nettype=tcp,id=%username%

On the Client the hosts was set: NAVISERV1 # ccaps NAVISERV2 # ccaps_it

I get a proper connect to the naviserv1 but not for the naviserv2 this one hangs

Do i have to define something in the services like?
naviserv1 2407/tcp # ccaps
naviserv2 2408/tcp # ccaps_it


groet Wim