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Navsion 3.56a - XP pro client with netb


I have a problem, that i hope you can help me with.
We run a navsion 3.56a server on a win2000pro (runs netb). All our clients are win95/98. But now we got a WinXP pro client, and i can't connect to the server with it. I have triede to install netbios/ipx aswell as Netbeui, with no luck. Navision comes with the message "Cannot find name called or no answer" (nr. 20)

Any ideas?

(We can't change to tcp, because we don't own the server)

\\ Jens Feldskov Hansen
  • N3 forum is for the old Navision (the character based version).
  • But he is actually talking about the "old character based version".

    Sorry not to post an answer, Jens. Have you tried some networking forum as well?
  • NetBios relies on a specific computer chosen at random to be a Browse Master(By negotiation). This computer stores computer names in your LAN. This can be Windows 95/98/2000/XP. This process sometimes fails and you have more than one Browse Master. If this happens, the computers in your network will split into 2 or more groups, each group cannot see the other in Network Neighborhood. This is a classic problem. One solution is to disable Browse Master functionality in all computers except one. This single computer should be on 24 hours a day, preferably your network server.

    To disable Browse Master functionality in Windows 95/98/ME computers:

    - Go to Control Panel-->Network.
    - Select "File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks"
    - Click on "Properties".
    - Set "Browse Master" to "Disabled". The default is "Automatic".

    For Windows NT/2000/XP:

    - Go to "Administrative Tools"-->"Services".
    - Double click on "Computer Browser".
    - Stop the service and set its type to "Manual".

    To find out which computer(s) is a browse master, use NetBios scanner in the following program:

    Essential NetTools:

    Alternatively, you can go to the command prompt and type the following(Use -A not -a):

    nbtstat -A

    Repeat for all IP addresses in your network, or just use the NetBios scanner mentioned above. If you see the special name below more than once, then you have a problem:


    If you have too many computers, I recommend that you disable the Browse Master functionality in Windows 95/98/ME computers. The problem could be caused by an old network card or a problem in the Browse Master negotiation logic. I am saying old network cards because there are several Ethernet packet formats: Ethernet II(old), and IEEE 802.3(New). It's possible that one driver is defaulting to use Ethernet II format for NetBios, and IEEE 802.3 format for TCP/IP. Another network card in a modern computer maybe supporting only the newer IEEE 802.3 format, so NetBios packets are ignored.

  • Hi.
    I have now tried things you wrote (Naji)...

    There is only one browsemaster. the network only contains 6-7 computers, so i don't think it's because there are to many.

    I also tried to use a config tool from microsoft called "lanacfg" (for win2k), with no luck...

    Any other ideas?

    Regards Jens
  • One more idea. Install IPX/SPX protocol on Windows 95/98/ME, then go to each "IPX/SPX" line and change the frame type from "Auto" to "802.3", restart the computer and then try to see other computers in Network Neighborhood.

  • Another thing you can try on the XP machine, install "NWLINK IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol", then go to Properties, and select the old "Ethernet II" format. Restart the computer and see what happens. Try this method instead of the method above.
  • Hi..

    I'll try that, but i will first be back in the office in a few days.

    I can't believe that it is not posible to run an navision xp client with netb, there must be some way...

  • I have tried it now... but with no luck. i still get error 20 :/
  • Try using an LMHOSTS file in the XP machine. LMHOSTS file lets you specify a NETBIOS name manually. Open the following file with Notepad:


    It has instructions and examples. Once you add the lines that you need, save the file without ".sam". The file name should be only "lmhosts". Restart the XP computer after this.

    Example of a line to add: NAVSERVER #PRE

    "#PRE" Tells the computer to preload the entry at startup.

    I suggest that you learn more about the LMHOSTS file and how to use it. A quick way is to search newsgroups archives below:

    Also search here for NETBIOS and LMHOSTS:

    There is also WINS Server solution(Comes with Windows NT4/2000 Servers), instead of using NETBIOS broadcasts to manage computer names, computers connect to a WINS Server to obtain NETBIOS computer names. I haven't used this before, so proceed after you have learned enough about it. Make sure that you can go back to your original configuration just in case you have a problem.

  • Hey...

    I have tried to use lmhost earlier, with no luck....

    I don't think it is possible to have a solution with netb and windows xp... :(