Changing TextBox options in C/AL code


I am designing a report and trying to make a TextBox visible only when a check box in Request Form in checked. Now I think this can only be posible by changing TextBox options in code (something like TextBox001.Visible := FALSE). I still haven't figured it out exactly how to do it so i need help... please help

lp JohnP
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    Originally posted by lordslayer

    Paul I thank you for the answer but i have the TextBox in the sections area of the report and a checkbox in the ReguestForm area. Can anyone help with this problem??

    Thank you

    I'm afraid you can't do that. You must define a text variable and fill it with the formatted value of your field when the checkbox is on and blank it when the checkbox is out, then use the text variable as the SourceExpression of the TextBox in the section area. [xx(]

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