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Migration of data from dos to windows version

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Subject: Migration of data from Dos Version of Navision Financials to Present Windows Version of Attain

Please clarify the following problem.
We have a client who is presently using DOS version of Navision Financials bought 7yrs ago. Now he want to switch to the latest windows version. How should he migrate the data?

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Vijay Kumar P
  • If that version is ODBC compliant then you can use C/ODBC otherwise you should contact navision india , i think it can be upgraded in 2-3 process
    like upgrade from 1 version to another and so on..
  • We made a upgrade from 3.56 (blue DOS) to Attain 3.01 this year.
    Our NSC put the data from 3.56 in NF 2.6 and then to 3.01.

  • Upgrading from Navsion 3.x (character based DOS-OS/2 product) to Navision 3.x (Attain) must go via Navision Financials.
    But here you can actually make backup with Navision 3.x and restore it directly into Financials. I haven't tried to restore into Attain - but it should work here also.
    But the upgrade tools works only with Financials - so this step is advisable.

    The upgrade of a less modified database is not very difficult, but it's not do-it-yourself work!

    On the other hand if your Navision 3.x is very modified, then I would consider to treat is as a completely NEW INSTALL instead of an upgrade.

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