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Flowfields referencing their own table

I set up a flow field that uses its own table (it calculates a sum within the table it is in) and i cannot get it to display its value in a textbox. The values calculate correctly in table view and even drilldown works but it just wont show its value in the box. I expect that i need to write some code i just do not know where or what kind. Have you ever had a problem like this? I appreciate your help.


  • Try This :


    YourVariable := YourRecord.YourFieldName;
  • Nope that doesnt work.

    My setup is:
    a table box, and a text box under it. The text box is tied to the flow field in the table that calculates the totals of one of the other fields.

    The text box is supposed to show a new total every time i update the table, but instead it is stuck on 0 the drilldown works perfectly though, and when i open the table from the designer the totals are calculated correctly as well.

    I hope that i restated the probl;em more clearly, Thanks for the help again.

  • It's possible to have a ZERO calculated in your flowfield and still having entries
    when you drill down

    Imagine that you're watching
    a Customer Balance which is 0 and when
    you drill down on the balance

    it shows

    Entry Type Amount
    Invoice 50
    Payment -50

    A flowfield on the Amount field will display 0.

    Are you sure that it's not what's hapening for you aswell ???

    I suggest that you copy and paste your drilldown details into Microsoft Excel
    and do a SUM for all your lines ...

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  • Thanks for your help, this is definitely not the case, but i'll just have to work around it or something. also it appears that i'm posting to the wrong newsgroup, i'll move my post to the attain forum.

    Thanks again, i reallay appreciate your time

    Best of luck


  • Hi Sergey,

    i did exactly you said.and it works fine for me.I created a table no,name,amount,Tamount. No and name being primary key and sumindexfield Tamount.Tamount is total of Amount where name = name of the same table.
    created a tablular form for the table with all fields.Added the text field at the bottom of the table box where sourceexpression = Tamount.
    it worked fine.May be a slight mistake ....!!check when u r cool....if i am wrok.. well all i can say it...u will get it.

    Lakshmi Valluru