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Operating Systems for Navision Client

The Specifications in PDF says that
Client or Single User Installation Requirements

Operating System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 98 SE (Second Edition)
Microsoft Windows NT (Intel) version 4.0 - Service Pack 6a
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional - Service Pack 1
Processor Requirements Not available at this time
Memory Requirements Not available at this time
Hard Drive Requirements Not available at this time

does that mean navision client is limited to windows platform only. can it be installed on any other platform.

  • Hello,

    exactly, the Navision client is limited to the windows platform. Anyway, you can use Citrix Metaframe to run the client with e.g. Apple, but the Citrix server is based on windows as well.

    Navision server can be installes on several other platform.


  • I have heard rumors to the effect that the Navision client will run under a Windoze emulator on MacOS---- but this is not officially supported. Mac users are supposed to use Citrix, etc. instead.

    Tim Horrigan <>