Email in Navision

General ability to start an email program from within Navision Attain: requires Microsoft Outlook 98 or Microsoft Outlook 2000.
Is it possible to use something other than Microsoft Outlook 98 or Microsoft Outlook 2000 to achive the same results.

  • Hi,

    If you take a look at there is an item in the downloads section called SMTP OCX v1.2. This lets you send emails using any SMTP server.

  • Hey!

    Am I rigth or am I wrong, when I say this is for Financials, and not for 3x ??.

  • Well, it depends what you mean by 3x.

    This whole post should be in the Financials/Attain Developer's Forum and not in the N3 Forum... N3 is the character based version and I know N3 too little but I guess that it is not possible to use this smtp ocx with N3. Nevertheless this ocx does work with Navision Financials and Attain (3.x) using them with ocx type variables.