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hi Guys,

i have just strated working with navision. but can you guys help me little ?
i want to pass variable between two forms. how do i do that ? i know lookup and form.runmodal. any other way by which i can pass the global variable of one form to another.

Hemang Naik
Senior Software Engineer
  • 1. create a function in your Dest.-Form.
    2. configure this function with parameters
    3. within the function pass the given parameters to globals in your Dest.-Form
    4. create a var of type form in your Source-form that points to your Dest.-Form
    5. from the Source-form first call the function that passes the parameters and then call the form itself ...


    BTW - this is the forum for the old character-based version (N3) ... Better post questions about Financials to the Financials-forums.