NaviODBC vs. Visual Basic 6

Hi group,

I need to access Navi data from a custom Visual Basic 6 application but I just can't make it work. It returns any error from 3146 to 3669.

I need to retrieve all 4200 records from a table through the ODBC driver, but the call is cancelled after some 90 seconds. I have tried to disable timeout in the ODBC driver, but it didn't do nothing for me.

Below I post a piece of the code I use to connect and retrieve the data. If anyone should have an idea of how to make it work, please feel free to respond a.s.a.p. :-)

My code:

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Casper Helenius,
DANBIT, Denmark
  • Wahuu.. Just forgot to post the code.. Here it is:

    Private Sub Form_Load()

    Dim wrkODBC As Workspace
    Dim conNAVI As Connection
    Dim rsSource As Recordset
    Dim rdDest As Recordset

    Set wrkODBC = CreateWorkspace("MyWorkspace", "admin", "", dbUseODBC)

    Set conNAVI = wrkODBC.OpenConnection("NAVISQL", dbDriverCompleteRequest, True, "ODBC;DATABASE=danbit;DSN=NAVISQL;UID=;PWD=;")

    Dim SQLStr As String
    SQLStr = "SELECT * FROM Vare WHERE Nummer LIKE 'a%'"

    Set rsSource = conNAVI.OpenRecordset(SQLStr, dbOpenForwardOnly)


    End Sub

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  • Have you solve this problem? I am having same problem? Cann't connect to Navision database using codbc

  • You might want to try a SELECT statement with specified fields. Leave the flowfields out.

    PS: On what OS are you using ODBC. ODBC to Navision 3.56 does not work on >= Windows 2000. At least I can't get it up and running.

  • In reply to Ivo Rijcken:

    how can i use INSERT into statement in VB to wrirte data to navision

  • In reply to Abid Hussain:

    yes, but it can be dangerous since some triggers won't be fired.