Generating PDF-files from Navision v. 3.56?

I have tried to install a "PDF-printer", but I can't seem to adress this printer from Navision 3.56! Are there alternatives?

  • We have solved the problem and can now
    generate PDF-files from Navision v. 3.56.
    Should anyone be interrested - please speak up.
  • Hi,

    I'm currently trying to solve this problem, and would like to hear about your solution, if you or others can remember this Smile afterall it's been a year since the last post in this section.
    I've installed "PDF995" on my local machine, and need to print from navi 3.56.A

  • With the standard 3.56 printer HP LaserJet 4 ALL you can generate a PCL-file.

    Then you can use a utility called PCL2PDF 2 convert the PCL-file to PDF.

    As i recall PCL2PDF is part of GhostScript.

  • In reply to Jan Aamand:

    Please let me know how?