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Database testing seems very slow

Our Navision database testing process seems to run very slowly. Are other users experiencing this too?

A recent maximum test of only the Item Ledger Entry table, took 35 hours - running local on the server. The table contains approximately 300,000 rows.

Our software is 2.60B in a MS/SQL 7.0 database, NT4 Service Pack 6. Our hardware is a 1.26 GZ processor and 2G ram.

We have attempted to determine what the Navision db test is doing by observing the reported errors and we have since created a VB/SQL application that tests each unique occurance of data 13 table-relationship columns. Additionally, we test each cell of the 25 "Code" columns for case integrity. (7,500,000 string comparisons.) The app completes execution in under 5 minutes across a network. (Yes, that's 35 hours vs. 5 minutes.)

Does anyone have any idea why the Navision test takes so long or what we may be doing wrong?


Steve Calverley
EA Engineered Abrasives