network help navigator 3.53

Just wanted to ask if anyone could give me a little fast instruction on how to run navision as TCP/IP instead of NetB. Because my new W2k clintes cannot conect to my server via netB, or i just dont know how to do it.

I have Navision 3.53

I am new so it will have to be detailed otherwise it may not succeed

Any help is appreciated, Thanks

The new Navision KING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ha

  • Hi Hans -

    In order to have Navision use NetBios, you MUST make sure, that NetBios is the first network protocol installed, It MUST be specified as Default.

    Try deleting all other protocols

    I am not sure if 3.53 cn run TCP. But you need to add the server in the hosts file:

    naviserver1 <ip address for Navision server>

    //Henrik Helgesen
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  • Hi

    I'm sure that v. 3,53 NOT running on TCP/IP.
    This version is a true 16 bit. You have to upgrade to 3,55a or later to run the TCP protecol.


  • You will need a small utility from Microsoft going by the name of something like "lanacfg" as I recall, with which you can make netbios the first protocol on your W2K machine.

  • Do you need more help?