Navision 3.53 - connecting via Netbios

PC connceted to netware 3.12 contains database. New workstation with win98 with
microsofts bindery-client want to connect,
but responds back it cannot connect without
netbios (error 20 I think)
Any place to read about connecting rules/problems, or any help at all ???.
Thanks in advance
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  • Also the NetBios needs to be the default nettype.

    (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Network -> Select the NetBios protocol -> Proberties -> Advanced Tab -> Make sure Default is checked.

    I would acturally suggest that you delete the TCP/IP protocol. if You still are having the problem.

    Somehow if that were installed. it seems like Microsoft were "Helping" people to select TCP/IP wether they want it or not.

    hmm - Can't help getting a little sentimeltal when working on the good old blue navision ;-)

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