Need to show demand in different locations on Firm Planned production order


We need demand to create purchase orders from secondary warehouse for refrigerated items


Making Beef and Brocolli.

Sales and production in location 1

Refrigerated components in location 2

Packaging and dry goods in location I

SKUS are setup with correct replenishment

transfer to location 1 from location 2 for refrigerated items

purchase for location 2 for refrigerated items

The problem is the firm planned production orders used for longer planning have all component demand from location 1.  to 

Location 2 only has demand from transfer orders. We do not want to create transfer orders in the future, we want to transfer for released production order demand

We need Firm planned production orders to show packaging and dry good demand from location 1 and frozen/refrigerated components from location 2.

Any suggestions?

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  • Becky,

    NAV/BC uses a Prioritization of Orders to create Demand and Supply. When you ran the Planning Worksheet the Transfer Demand was generated to Supply the Firm Planned Due Dates. I understand you are using Firm Planned to cerate the Location 1 demand for Packaging and Dry Goods to create PO's if needed. I also understand you do not want to generate the Transfer Order for Location 2, refrigerated goods to Location 1, until the Prod. Order is released. You might consider creating the Transfer Order, you have your Demand for Location 1 and the Transfer Order you do not need today. If you create the Purchase Orders for Location 1 demand, you could then set the Planning Flexibility for Firm-Planned Production Line to NONE, thereby stopping the Planning Worksheet from generating future actions. You could delete the Transfer Order until you Release Prod. Order.. You can also create the Transfer Order and set its lines Planning Flexibility to NONE. The Transfer will stay out there but the Planning Worksheet will not create future actions.

    I am attaching a handout I use with Customers to explain Planning Worksheet Prioritizing and Transfers.!AmRbkPn9LCQZnwZYSbjvvyGqnWgy?e=qeukFj

    Hope this helps.



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