Roll call - Hi everyone (again)

Any new members want to introduce themselves?  Any old members want to remind us that you're around?

I'm Jake.  I like longs walks on the beach and I can spell both NAV and BC.  I'm excited about this community and I'm going to get you people involved if I have to drag you kicking and screaming,

Who's next?   

  • Heya !

    After taking a couple of days to recover from a 30-day writing sprint, finally have a few brain cells rebuilt to come chat.

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Jeremy Vyska. I've been working with Business Central since it was Navision Financials (much like Steve, scary 2x version when it was multiple systems).

    I started in IT way back when, and cross-trained into Navision development, learning at Navision's NA HQ (Atlanta) back when it was a 2 week class with an 8-hour practical exam.

    I've bounced from partner to partner based on what interesting projects were on the table, getting skilled up into the application, consulting, training, support -- pretty everything really. I've been an MCT, trained people into BC (consulting and developing) and IT, plus worked as a professional "fixer" for projects that had gone off the rails.

    This year, I've spun up a new little company working on offering community-supportive services and products, such as:
    - Books, both free and paid
    - Training courses (soon on Skill-Up I hope!)
    - Custom training contracts for development and applications
    - Creating tools and events for the community

    I'm pretty excited and looking forward to being positioned soon to talk a lot more about what's coming! 

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