Exact match filtering using apostrophes doesn't work properly in BC Czech version


we noticed unusual behaviour in terms of filtering the exact match using apostrophes in Business Central between W1 version and CZ version.

Two environments BC 17.5 CZ and BC 17.5 W1 without customization.

Let's have an Item with Description = My item

Now, let's search on page Items for the term 'my item' in lower cases.

If we use the filter 'my item' in CZ version, the list returns an item record with My item description

If we use the filter 'my item' in W1 version, the list doesn't return any record. Since we're using apostrophes and looking for an exact match, this is correct.

We tested also BC 17.4 CZ and BC 17.2 W1.

Again, CZ version returned also records although the filter was in lower cases. We've tested also other pages, works the same.

Any experience or idea, why does it behave like that? 



  • I've never used the Czech version? Is it the onprem version or cloud?

    In the onprem you are able to control which SQL database collation it should use. I'm more familiar with the danish version and here search results are also different from when using the W1 version. Not because of BC version, but because the database collation is different.