Demo equipment process in BC

Anyone have a good working process in BC to take inventory down and trace items by serial number for sales reps in the field to demonstrate and return down the road?  Do you use unique items for demo gear, or do you use Fixed Assets

  • Hi Ryan.

    I think the tracing (real usage) by serial number for BC is the same as a NAV (to be honest it is almost the same for Attain) and to investigate it you need just find the "Trade & Inventory" Doc where you can read about the usage of the Serial number & Lots.

    about "a good working process in BC to take inventory down" - I think you need to read the same Doc, but again, if you can't do it, please, inform me. The main use - from a business point of the view the inventory process is different from company to company and I think you need "to write it on paper" first.

    About FA - we have the same Doc (Finance II & Fixed assets), but each country has its own legislation & localization for it. Could you write what country do you ask?

    If you can find it, please, inform me and I'll try to help you.

    Have a nice day.