Entering a negative deposit in Business Central

I am new to this group, and new to using Business Central.  I work for a non-profit that recently transitioned from Great Plains.  Due to the pandemic, the organization in tight on funds, so most training was stripped from the transition budget.  I apologize if my question is rudimentary.

We receive deposits directly to our bank from a credit card processor.  We have recently issued some refunds.  The credit card processor does not differentiate between sales and refunds when processing transactions to our bank.  We are having situations where refunds are exceeding sales resulting in a "negative deposit".  A deposit will consist of multiple sales/refund transactions.  When sales exceed refunds we can easily create a deposit that includes all customer transactions with some being sales and others being refunds with a net that ultimately creates a positive deposit.  We have not figured out a way to enter a deposit when the refunds exceed sales creating a negative deposit.

The goal is to enter a negative deposit that allows the customer record to be correct, and also matches the bank transaction for the bank reconciliation process.  How can this be done?

Thank you,

David  Ellis