Splitting business into 2 legal entities, how to account for this in our current NAV4 setup. Intercompany??

Hi everyone,

I'm working for a small distribution business, we have Dynamics NAV 4 installed. (minimum setup, no intercompany modules).  We are upgrading to NAV 2018 in one year from now.  In the meantime we need a solution for the following business scenario;.

We have one legal entity L1, trading in 5 branches B1, B2 to B5.. B1 is also the warehouse. From Jan 2020 the business is splitting into 2 legal entities, will now have L1 (existing) and L2 (new). In NAV I have setup a new branch B6 for all business activity in the new company L2.

For L2 business (branch B6) we want to proceed as follows:

Sales order to customer ABC (customer is set to branch B6)

Product is sourced from warehouse B1  (as B6 has no warehouse and does not hold stock)

we did some test transactions and now have the Sales linked to S6 branch (Correct),  however I now have a negative closing stock balance in S6.  How do I get rid of this?

Ultimately what I want is a full Sales, Purchases for S6 so that I can do my VAT return.

Also P&L and Balance sheet by S6

Any advice on how best to do this in NAV 4 please.

Many thanks,