Not secure http://localhost:8080/DynamicsNAV110 to https://localhost:8080/DynamicsNAV110 (HTTP - HTTPS)

Hi Team,

I read and follow this link but I don't achieve it.

I have generated my SSL Certificated but I can't connect with this below:


  • In the <system.webServer> element, add the following elements.



<rule name=”Redirect to HTTPS”>

<match url=”(.*)” />


<add input=”{HTTPS}” pattern=”off” ignoreCase=”true” />


<action type=”Redirect” url=”https://{SERVER_NAME}/{R:1}” redirectType=”SeeOther” />




I need your assistance,


  • I think you are pretty close to be there.. In order to see the final step we need to get the error message that you are given - You can see that in the Event Log for the servicetier you are using.

    If you are using two different servicetiers then it might be that the servicetier user is not added to the database. But again, lets see your event log error message.

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