Handling Part Cores in AR & AP in BC

I have a potential client who wants to see how BC handles Part Cores* in their system. The company manufactures and distributes diesel parts and it is common in the industry for a Core to be returned for cash. Therefore they have Cores in AR and Cores in AP. These are separate accounts that decrease the total value of the parent receivable and payable accounts.  Are there options native to BC to take care of this, is there a good third party application that can handle this, or both for me to look into? I am working in their current system and it doesn't handle cores very well. If they choose to go with BC I would like it to be an upgrade to their current system, but I haven't been able to find anywhere that discusses functionality with Cores. Does anyone know what the best practices or different options for taking care of this in BC, or Nav are? 

*Example of how cores work.

If you need to by a new part for your car you can go to Napa and by the part on your receipt/invoice you will see a line for a core refund. This core is a refund you can get if you bring back the old part. This is done for parts that are considered recyclable, or rebuild-able for future sale. If you have further questions about what this is and how it works I got great results explaining it by googling "types of parts that you can get a core refund"

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  • Just do small clarification about " it is common in the industry for a Core to be returned for cash." - how they handle this Core? I think the "sell core" is 1 item and "refund core" is another, right? And to receive "sell core" for "refund core" we need to do "some transformation" => it is very easy - we have 2 items which we must to handle =>we have standard Inventory setup and, possible, production procedure (or written BOM|item "reclassification procedure" - it depends on what Customer do physically for this process).

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