How to display JPY Currency Factor as 106.55, not 0.00938


This is a question about exchange rate setup in a NAV installation for Japan. (Here my LCY = Japanese yen JPY).

Let's suppose the current USDJPY rate is 1 USD = 106.55 JPY. I can enter this into my USD exchange rate window in two ways:

Currency Code = USD

Relational Currency Code = '' (LCY)

Exchange Rate Amount = 1

Relational Exch Rate Amount = 106.55


Exchange Rate Amount = 0.009385

Relational Exch Rate Amount = 1

In both cases, the Currency Factor field on a sales quote shows as 0.009385 (which is correct: in my first example it is 1 / 106.55 and in my second example it is 0.009385 / 1)

The Currency Factor field is an internal field used throughout NAV and I understand it not really for users to look at.

In my situation, the Japanese want to see (on sales quote lines, printed documents etc. the rate of 106.55). 

Is there a way to make the Currency Factor field be 106.55, or is a new development required with a new field? 

I think a new development is needed but wanted to check your collective opinion

Many thanks,


  • Hi Chris,

    You are right, collective opinion will support you in this. Field "Currency Factor" always contains the exchange rate from the local currency (JPY) to the document currency (USD), there is no setup option to show it the other way round.

    I wouldn't probably extend the table with another field for this purpose - would rather opt for a function to revert the value "on the fly". But this depends on the situation, of course.

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