How to display JPY Currency Factor as 106.55, not 0.00938


This is a question about exchange rate setup in a NAV installation for Japan. (Here my LCY = Japanese yen JPY).

Let's suppose the current USDJPY rate is 1 USD = 106.55 JPY. I can enter this into my USD exchange rate window in two ways:

Currency Code = USD

Relational Currency Code = '' (LCY)

Exchange Rate Amount = 1

Relational Exch Rate Amount = 106.55


Exchange Rate Amount = 0.009385

Relational Exch Rate Amount = 1

In both cases, the Currency Factor field on a sales quote shows as 0.009385 (which is correct: in my first example it is 1 / 106.55 and in my second example it is 0.009385 / 1)

The Currency Factor field is an internal field used throughout NAV and I understand it not really for users to look at.

In my situation, the Japanese want to see (on sales quote lines, printed documents etc. the rate of 106.55). 

Is there a way to make the Currency Factor field be 106.55, or is a new development required with a new field? 

I think a new development is needed but wanted to check your collective opinion

Many thanks,