NAV 2018 - Decimal separator problem in native report

Hi everyone,

I need help & insight on this case.

A friend of mine from different company asked me why the report 1302 (proforma invoice) having no decimal separator. For example 1000000.00

Then i created a cronus demo database in my desktop and test the report default from cronus, it shows decimal separator like 1,000,000.00

Then I checked his object designer and find out that he has unmodified report which hasn't been modified, still original from development.

However when i imported r1302 from his object designer to my cronus database and ran it, it shows no decimal separator.

What's the cause of this ? How can two native report different in term of decimal separator ?

I'm not a consultant and not very good at modern dynamics nav, however if you can give me insight and suggest a solution on this case i really appreciate it.