License to connect custom applications and Business central cloud

Maybe there is already a thread with this information but I have not found it.
We have an organization with many users geographically dispersed and accessing the applications. I expose the case:
1) we have about 500 users that use a production module and a purchase order module, both custom applications 
2) We want to implement dynamics businesscentral in the cloud Azure
3) We want to connect custom applications and BC for information exchange

The question / doubt is:

1- do we need to buy 500 user licenses? 

2- Is only one license needed for the connection of both platforms? Wich one?

3- Or is no license necessary?

thanks for your help and answers

  • It depends on many factors.

    If the users in your custom applications are accessing BC (even indirectly) to update data in tables in BC, then the users needs to be licensed in BC. Either team (if you can stick with its limitations) or full users!

    The other example would be if you had something like a shop floor module, which would access BC, then you may use a device license. But each application/device needs to have a general case-by-case approval from Microsoft. So if it is custom internal solution, then I doubt it would apply to your case.

    The best advise I can give you, if you are a partner then contact MS through the official channels, to get an answer to which would apply to you. If you are not a partner, then you should contact your partner and have them contact MS.

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