Project Management Module for BC

Is the project management module that is available in F&O the same as the one in BC? The online documentation of BC seems to imply that this is a module so is this something that needs to be "turned on" or is it part of the OOTB BC?

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  • You can be sure of one thing, Project Management is in No way the same as is Finance And Operations (AX) - In NAV 201X/ 365 BC it is called Jobs, and mainly linked to items/resources and F&O is more into "operations". So in short, yes there is a "project management" module in BC - but not likely what you need depending of your business requirements.

    You could try go google for a Youtube presentation or a powerpoint from Microsoft.

    You would probably have to contact a 365BC Partner to get a demo and a proof of concept  in order to identify the match of your requirements.