Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation Plan

Dears, Good day to all of you

I am currently starting Business Central Implementation for a Creative & Advertising agency, there is no inventory at all, only they are selling Ideas, Media Buying, Video production & etc.

I am looking for a short & rapid Implementation plan.

Ideas how to deal with sales & purchases as they will purchase services and resell them with a % of the cost.

Thanks in advance

  • I think before implementation plan you need to write HOW do you plan to use NAV for this "Creative & Advertising agency".

    The main point - you need to define "place" which will generate the finance action. And this "place" maybe Job&Resource, Service, Inventory (to purchase and sell item like a service) or .. And then you cal define tha "short & rapid Implementation plan" (when you define business-processes for automatisation you can understand where and how will you apply the NAV)

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