Using NAV client with Business Central - cloud

Dear friends 

I have seen that NAV client can be used with Business Central on premise and this is a very helpful option. 

I am asking how to have the same for the cloud version? 


  • What do you mean by NAV client? The Windows client?

    If yes, then you cannot use it with the cloud version. Only if you have an Intelligent Edge hybrid or just an OnPrem.

    But even if you could, then it would be very shortsighted. With 1-2 years, then it will be retired completely together with the Development Environment (former Classic client). So you might just as well get started with the web client.

    If you have not yet tried it with the fall 2018 release of BC, then do it. It really has improved. Personally I have been using the web client for 2 years now. And only a few times a year, then I have an situation where I really need the Windows client. You have many keyboard shortcuts already and more hopefully will come.

    Check out this presentation of the new web client: