Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV 2018

Hello All,

I am new to this group. Please suggest me is this the correct place to ask question?

My question is, If I am using NAV 2018/BC, I purchased customized HR module (or any add on) from one of the XYZ Microsoft Partner. Now if I am not taking service from XYZ partner but taking from ABC partner, and if I want to make some small or big changes in purchased module then what can I do??

  • What kind of services are you taking from ABC partner? Support, implementation, etc? You should consult the XYZ partners who sold you the HR module to help you with your changes. ABC can also be consulted, so it depends what sort of services you getting from ABC partner.

  • This is a very good place to ask such a question.

    I assume that you by NAV 2018/BC, mean that you run NAV 2018 on-premise and not the Dynamics 365 Business Central hosted by Microsoft?

    In that case you bought your NAV license by one NAV partner, who most likely have installed and helped you implement the other parts of NAV. And now you have bought an Add-on from an ISV partner?

    That changes nothing. Normally if you buy an additional add-on module, then have to buy this from the partner, from which you have bought NAV (or if you have changed registered partner with Microsoft, then that partner). So unless you filled out and signed a partner change agreement then nothing happens. If the add-on is a certified add-on, then it will have it's own object number range. The permission to running this needs to be added by the registered partner. The same goes if the add-on is in the 50000-99999 object range. Then you need to get it from your registered partner, not the add-on ISV.

    In regards to who can change this new module is a different thing. If the add-on is in the 50000-99999 range, then any partner with a partner license can change the module. If in it's own object number range, then normally partners in your country will be able to change it, UNLESS the ISV has protected the objects. And in such case, then only the ISV (XYZ) partner can change the objects. (But such an add-on should never have been bought in the first place).