Transferring inventory between 2 companies - NAV 2009 R2

Hi Folks -

One of our customer bought out another company and want to transfer inventory from one company to this new company. Is it possible in NAV to transfer inventory between 2 separate companies. If possible what would be the steps to accomplish this task. Any help is highly appreciated.

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  • Well, in general, no.

    This is not possible.

    And while Thomas of course is right, it is not possible to to transfer inventory from one company to another using NAV's transfer functionality, then there are other ways. When we have two different legal companies, then any inventory that leaves one company, to enter into another company must be supported by a corresponding sales invoice and and purchase invoice.

    Instead you can take a look at NAV's intercompany functionality. This allows you to automate the inter company sales and purchase document flow, including your inventory. It's not by transfer orders, but intercompany invoices.

    I worked on a project where we had centralized inventory in a 3 global warehouse hubs. Each country subsidiary only had a minimal inventory for demos and trials etc. We had changed NAV to look up inventory levels in our global supply company (GSC) instead of our local company (using something similar to web services - it was 2003). Then when the order was placed (and released), NAV created the purchase order and transferred it to the GSC where it was created as a sales order. Any changes in the dates were automatically updated on the original sales order. A big part of our work ended up being also having to synchronize items. It took years of coding to fine tune it, but also had subsidiaries in about 20 different countries.

    So anything is possible, but not something anyone can tell you how to do just by giving you a list of steps you need to accomplish. And especially not with the level of information you have provide.

    Like is this a one-time thing? The customer bought a company and now closes it down? Then all you need is really an inventory journal in both companies.

    Or does the company continue and they need to transfer (buy/sell) inventory from it on a more long term basis? How many of this kind of inventory transfers/transactions will there be in a day?

    And is the other company already running NAV? And how many databases are they using?

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