Shopify integration with D365- Suggestions and Solutions needed

I am stuck while integrating Shopify with D365 Finance and Operations.

I have success to synchronize Items from D365 to Shopify account and Created Shopify orders to D365 after installing Shopify extension and using sync options in one way only, but there is no option to synchronize them in both directions.

Clarification needed on :-

1. How to manage Items to insert in D365 in both directions. If any Item is created manually on Shopify portal then it should get created in D365 too?

2. How to synchronize Customer master of D365 to Shopify and for any manually created Customer on Shopify portal to D365?

I followed this link to setup Shopify with D365 and it is successful for few steps only. Guide me to get aware with the limitations of this integration.

with these limited options, I am able to do one way only

Further noticed points are as:

1. For manually created Item on Shopify portal on detail come in D365 order without generating a new item code for that Item.

2. Same in case of customer, while configuring setup for Shopify in D365, a customer is to be selected to generate orders against this customer from Shopify. if manually created  customer is selected from Shopify portal then an order with Blank Sell-to Customer get created without generating a new customer no. and also not able to synchronize customer master of D365 to Shopify.

Thanks in Advance!

Any help appreciated!

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    I would not call myself an expert but we are implementing D365 BC with KeCommerce  and much like Spotify the 2 way Syncronization is not yet working only from D365 not the other way around.  Currently KeCommerce is working with Microsoft to work through this issue.  You aren't going's just not functional as yet.

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