Item Code Renaming After Warehouse receipt

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User encountered an error NAV complaining item does not exist and i found out that warehouse receipt has been done from the and when a user tries to perform purchase invoice from the receipt, NAV repond by returning Item xxx. does not exist and after the warehouse receipt the item code has been changed by a whs user.

my question why is that allowed to be performed on the fist place by NAV is it normal situation or a bug

NAV 2017 Version

  • In NAV 2017 a change has been done: in table 37, field 6:"No.", property ValidateTableRelation has been sat "No".

    This cause that a rename of Item (and Resource, and G/L Account...) is NOT performed in Sales Lines.
    In Cumulative update #4 this has been taken care of: in Item trigger Rename a call to new functions in tables 37 and 39 is performed to make a manual rename of Item No.s there.
    The same in Rename-triggers in tables 15, 156, 5600 and 5800.
    I mentioned table 37:"Sales Line"; the same goes for table 39:"Purchase Line".
    Is you ask me - a very stupid way by Microsoft to handle this issue - from the beginning.
    It is done so that user is able to write e.g. an Item-description into the No.-field. And that way (by code) get the item wanted.
    Far better solution would be to have a local variable in the page to catch the user-input and handle it from there.
    And leave the standard No.-field.
    This issue has caused me and a customer several hours in work. And not chargable, unfortunately.

    Sorry, Microsoft, in Danish language this is what is called "en ommer" - "a make-it-better".
  • And by the way , did NAV 2017 cumulative update 4 fix it, or did it break it?

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