New user automatically tries to Connect to a specific database. Can it be changed ?

OK, so this is my problem.

Dynamics NAV 2016.

- I have Database A and in that datbase I have X users. Today I created Database B, and another service instance for it. In that databse I added y number of users that are not Part of database A. This users never connected to NAV before. Now when I try to connect to NAV with this Users I get message that user is not addedd to NAV. It is because NAV is trying to connect to Database A. And I have to go to AppData ... and change data in ClientUserSettings file.

My question is how can I force NAV that he takes Database B when new users are trying to connect for the first time ??

  • Hello Junior

    The reason for that is when you installed NAV on the clients the default SERVICETIER name is DynamicsNAV90 - and if you did not change it..then it is going to use that name.

    For every user there is a setup file that you can edit - you find it in this folder

    C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\90 

    Edit the file ClientUserSettings.Config and change ClientServicesPort and ServerInstance