What Can NAV do for Service?

Dear Experts,

I am searching for some documents explain what NAV 2016 "or older" Service Department can do, and some documentation of the full features and capability.

I don't mind if there is a book to purchase.

Thanks in Advance for your kind support.

  • Hi Mahmoud,

    Nobody has so far written a book specific on service management, in fact most of the existing books are primary with the developer in mind.

    But for NAV 2016 then you find the documentation for service management here:

    I'm sure you've already checked that one out, but that's really what there is of actually documentation from Microsoft.

    But then I will definitely recommend you to check out YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=dynamics+nav+service+management

    Including a couple of webinars, which looks interesting: