Best way to send data from Microsoft bot to Dynamics NAV

Hi folks,

I want to create a bot with Azure bot service that will need to send the data it gets directly from the user to Dynamics NAV. Is there a direct way to do this (since both services are Microsoft), and if not, what do you recommend as a way to send the data to NAV? (Data might include new columns for tables or commands to create, update, or delete tables, probably other requirements that I don't know yet, I'm new to NAV)

Thank you

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  • Welcome to DUG and to the NAV world. 

    I don't want to ruin your day, but you won't be able to do this on your own. You have to learn how NAV works and how to code in it ;-) 

    There are no standard functionality/library to this - so you have to do everything yourself.

    There are many ways of interacting with NAV.. and depending on your your NAV version you can use the web-service functionality in NAV.

    The web-service functionality is typically that you publish a page as a web service - but before you can do that you have to do a number of things

    1) create a table than holds your data

    2) Create a page than can be used on the web services and as a monitor inside NAV

    3) Create a codeunit that does something with the data in the created table.

    Furthermore you have to do some setup of Services and user permisison inside and outside of NAV to get it up and running.

    Eriks suggest is nice but you have to start somewhere else - Youtube - Find the Microsoft Dynamics NAV channel and watch some of the videos.