XML Ports a bit useless in the real world?


just starting a little discussion regarding XML ports...

Whenever i try to use an XML port to import data i nearly always run into some issue that means i can't use an XML port and end up reverting to a codeunit (luckily with XML buffer this is now fairly simple) XML ports are generally find for quick internal transfers but if you want to integrate with another system then i'm starting to think why even bother with an XML Port?

The issues include :-

  • anything other than very basic namespace declarations
  • Variation in which fields will appear (i.e. some fields will be in the file but not in XML port and vice versa) UseLax should be the solution but I'm yet to find a situation where it's of benefit
  • Order of fields varying in the file
  • Slightly clumsy to work with if there's a mix of direct field mapping and variables

I'm currently working on a pretty complex implementation and every time i've needed to import some XML data one of these issues has become a deal breaker and i've fallen back to using a codeunit.  Looking on the forums there are few if any decent solutions to any of these problems.

It seems like yet another case of so close yet so far from Microsoft, something that should be a really simple and powerful solution is rendered almost useless by a few simple shortcomings and oversights.  Does anyone else have any of these issues? or disagree with me completely? ;)

Looking forward to a constructive discussion :)