part number that maps to multiple part number

Is there a way to create a single part number that when added to a sales order- multiple part numbers are added to the sales order automatically. 


We are trying to create a bundle such that when purchased the bundle consists of three items. 

  • You will need 2 tables, one for Parent Item and one for child Item, something on these lines.
    Table A
    Parent Item No.

    Table B
    Parent Item No.
    Line No.
    Item No.

    A00001 10000 Z001
    A00001 20000 Z002
    A00001 30000 Z003

    The link between Table A and Table B would be the Parent Item no.

    On the Sales Order line user will enter A00001, you will have to write a function on Sales line such that when on the No. field when user enters A00001 you have to just get the Item no. and then you will go to Table B and fetch the Parent Item no. and delete the first line on the Sales order line and then create 3 lines with Z001, Z002 and Z003.

    Yes, very much doable and I have done this for one of our customer.
  • Hi,
    You could also use the standard BOM / Assembly functionality. You create your "bundle" as the BOM and then use the Explode BOM on the sales lines.